Catherine Schaumleffel

Personal coach/spokesperson and IFBB Pro Bikini competitor Few people have the passion, desire, or ability to bring out the best in people. Catherine has a gift; the ability to tap into a person’s inner motivation. Catherine’s innate ability to help individuals conquer those curve balls that life throws while motivating them to reach their goals, led her to start formally educating herself. What started out as taking classes at a community college in psychology and biology, less than seven years later, turned into a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work. Catherine’s experience, coupled with her formal education make her an extremely desirable coach, and spokes-model. To see more of Catheri

Random Thoughts

THE FISH DIET – I am astonished at the number of people in this day and age who ask me about the “fish diet” for contest prep. I can’t help but think anyone who believes there’s even one physiological benefit of eating fish instead of grass fed beef or poultry, is either a lazy a** who doesn’t want to research the subject, or a moron. Eating fish instead of beef will not help you get leaner faster, thin your skin, or keep your midsection smaller. Pastured beef and fowl are among the healthiest, tastiest and most satiating foods one can consume in the off season let alone while getting ripped shreds. The nutrients in these foods are exactly what one needs while making their way through a

Want great Glutes? Hit the Basics.

As most people who weight lift know, the muscles that give one a nice rear end are the glutes. My purpose here is to help sift through the glute training BS being disseminated through social media by so many who haven’t a clue on training in general let alone how to build great glutes. Or by those who have educated themselves, but have become functional carny trainers with unilateral this, and bosu ball that, completely shying away from basic, proven methodologies. This is not understandable, but is explainable. If you don’t have the iron bug, if iron isn’t running through your veins, if training isn’t your passion, of course you’re not going to do exhausting, kick ass, compound, tenable,

The Journey is most Important

I’m convinced the journey one embarks on toward a goal, is much more important than any achievement, e.g., championship, world record, or personal record. It is the journey that separates the great from the average, and makes achieving a goal so gratifying. Striving, self discovery, and learning are responsible for the allure and elation of attaining a goal, which is simply nonexistent without the effort of [doing], e.g., a level of happiness, self esteem, that is only attained through mastery. The old adage,”If it were easy everyone would do it.” rings true in everyday life, but is deafening when referring to bodybuilding and strength sports. The difficulty is what causes most people to

Miesha "Cupcake" Tate

Besides kicking ass in the ring; becoming a world champion, Miesha Tate is the consummate professional and role model. She’s well spoken, very positive, and a great ambassador for Women’s MMA and sports in general. She’s come a long way from joining the boy’s wresting team in HS and winning the women’s state title.

Your Outside is a Reflection of your Inside

"That which we gaze upon the most, we become." Our outer world is an open book to who we truly are. The saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” is true. Our outside, e.g., friends, attitudes, behaviors, are a reflection of our inside. If the people you hang with the most, are dysfunctional and pessimistic, then that is what you believe of yourself, and you’ll never be better than that. It is impossible to be better on the outside, than what you believe you are on the inside without change. Whether you’re rich, poor, obese, in-shape, happy or sad is up to you. Your beliefs about yourself, or your self concept determines who you are, and your performance in life. To believe in this

Cardio is Counterproductive

Did you know endurance training will hamper your strength training? A meta-analysis of 21 studies was performed to examine the interference of endurance training with strength training. The primary objective was to discover which components of endurance training, e.g., modality, duration, frequency, are detrimental to strength training outcomes. “The unique and relatively distinct adaptations of endurance training, coupled together with an increase in total training volume, and therefore probability to overreach, result in a classic interference effect between endurance and strength training adaptations.” (Wilson, J.M., et al. (2012). Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 26(8), 229

Powerlifting Mentality

The mentality and prerequisite characteristics needed to succeed as a powerlifter are exactly what is needed to succeed in other endeavors. Get off your ass and start [doing].

Smith Machine VS Barbell Bench. Which is better for Chest Development?

Did you know a study was performed by the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at California State University to investigate the difference in muscle activation between the smith machine bench press and the barbell bench press. Researchers used electromyography to compare muscle activation levels for the medial deltoid, the anterior deltoid, and the pectoralis major. 14 experienced and 12 inexperienced subjects volunteered for the study, and were categorized according to prior bench press experience to explore whether it had an effect. Testing took place on two different days one week apart from each other; one day consisted of free weight bench press and the other the smith machine. The one rep

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