Exercise Rx: A narrow therapeutic index

In medicine, the first thing researchers must do is establish the identity of the chemical compound, or drug, that will induce the desired physical effect. Once accomplished, they must then discover how much (the dose) and how often (dosing frequency), i.e., the “narrow therapeutic index,” to give the individual. Just the right amount will produce a positive effect; any more will elicit a negative effect. That very principle from medical theory carries over and has direct application to exercise prescription. In bodybuilding, the first thing was to establish the identity, or nature, of the training stress that would induce growth stimulation; namely, high-intensity, anaerobic activity. That

Forced Reps for Strength

Did you know performing forced repetitions doesn’t aid in increasing strength? Performing repetitions beyond the point of failure in a set to “force” your muscles beyond what they’re capable of is a common practice. Researchers at the School of Human Movement Studies at Charles Hurt University used 22 subjects in a recent study to help determine if forced reps are useful. The researchers found an absence of strength or power gains when the number of forced reps were increased and the training volume was held constant. They also found that increasing the number of forced reps and the training volume did not enhance strength or power. The results question the efficacy of using forced repetitio

IGF-1, Aging and Longevity

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) has become a mainstay for performance enhancement, and is being peddled at an ever increasing rate. Is it the fountain of youth? Will IGF-1 help build muscle? Is there any proof? IGF-1 is mainly secreted by the liver, stimulated by Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It is surmised that the anti-aging, muscle building, and lipolysis effects attributed to HGH are actually due to the IGF-1 it stimulates. Just about every cell in the body is affected by IGF-1, and the benefits attributed include: • Stimulates hyperplasia • Causes muscle growth (due to hyperplasia) • Regenerate nerve tissue • Reduce protein breakdown • Burn fat • Improve leukocyte (white blood

Is it a cold or the flu, and what do you do?

With the cold and flu season upon us, we all need to be healthy enough to avoid them, and this doesn’t mean getting vaccines. The fact is, they just do not work (GrennMedInfo.com). So what can we do? In order to prevent or treat an illness, you need to know what it is, and its etiology or cause. What causes the common cold or influenza? Both are due to a wide variety of viruses. More than two hundred different types of viruses cause a cold alone. Neither is caused by bacteria, which is why antibiotics are useless in treating them. Unfortunately, antibiotics are mistakenly prescribed far too often for colds and flu. Overuse of these powerful drugs will increase one’s susceptibility to i

Instagram has it all, e.g., losers, creepers, and douche bags

Social media has changed the way the world communicates, and the fitness industry is no exception. Social media has opened up many doors for opportunity, allowing individuals to start businesses, network, and keep in touch with family and friends. However, social media also has an extremely dark side. It allows people to see inside the minds of others, up close and personal; for many social media users it’s not flattering, which is exactly why I only use social media for business and news purposes. I got tired of seeing the negative side of people’s personalities. If you’re in the least bit a douchebag, loser, creeper, coffee drinker, or boobarella in the real world, it will ooze it’s way

What Price are you willing to Pay?

The way I see it, the average person doesn’t understand an athlete who is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Let me rephrase that. The average person is incapable of understanding the inner drive required of an athlete who is willing to do whatever it takes, striving to become the best at what they do possibly. I say "possibly," because you can have the best genetics, the best attitude, high intelligence, the best training, the best coaching, and still not reach your goals. Not hitting your mark could be due to many reasons, but it adds another facet to the mindset needed to become the best. The vast majority of people wouldn’t do what is necessary, i.e., the daunting

What body would you rather have?

Proportion and symmetry were highly sought after characteristics up until the late 90's. So much so that many bodybuilders would forgo a little size to keep their most prized possession. They knew there was a tipping point when getting bigger took away from their detail, widened their waist, and wouldn’t be as aesthetically pleasing. These bodybuilders, many of them professional, were purists, and saw bodybuilding as an art form. Unfortunately, because they saw the turn bodybuilding was taking towards size at all costs in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, a large number of truly gifted individuals stopped competing. Of course bodybuilding is about having big muscles, size. And of course if

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