"Raising the standard for

female competitors."

"Raising the standard for

male competitors."


hardcore adjective [hawrd-kohr]

1. Intensely loyal

2. Relentless

3. Tenacious

4. Unwaveringly committed

Why start a competitor division of MindBodyConditioningSystems?

Because of the outrageous numbers of competitors entering competitions, including amateur and professional, that are not in contest shape. 


Why are there so many competitors not reaching their potential?

There are several reasons, but there are two that have the greatest impact on competitors as well as the general public.  One, is the myths and misinformation that are perpetuated through the media looking for what sells, not what works.  Second, there are no barriers to entry to become a personal trainer, which leads to high numbers of unqualified individuals.  Competitors need to be extremely diligent in finding a qualified personal coach.  Do your research and ask lots of questions.  But most importantly, if you don't get the results you want, fire them and find somebody else.


What is the difference between a personal coach and a personal trainer?

A personal trainer gives training and diet advice; in the vast majority of cases it's very generic.  Todays average personal trainer is simply very average.  We offer much more. We offer not only peak conditioning of your body, but your mind as well.  We are motivators.  The body will not go where the mind is not ready to be.  When we get you ready for competition, you will be as strong mentally as you look.  You cannot reach your potential with a negative attitude. 


What makes us different?

We truly care about our clients.   We take each individual’s goals very seriously.  Anybody can write a generic program as most trainers do.  Few, however, can create an individualized program designed around a person's needs while feeding a positive attitude for the long haul.  This is what we call the art of personal coaching.


What is the art of personal coaching?

Everyone, including competitors, are in a constant state of change both physically and mentally.  Stressors both positive and negative are always changing.  This, along with genetics and motivation, has an effect on one’s progress, which dictates their programs also, be dynamic. The art is being able to motivate and achieve progress despite a client's ups and downs.