Training and Nutrition Progression Reports

The Training and Nutrition Progression Reports are an integral part of the in-person or online personal training program, and must be reviewed by your coach in advance of your Baseline Consultation.  These reports will help ensure your time is used moving toward your goals and not gathering background information.    


The Training Progression Report should include how your body parts are split up, exercises, sets,  and reps for each body part.  If you perform full body workouts, record two days.


The Nutrition Progression Report should be kept for a minimum of three consecutive days.  It’s essential during this time that you do not vary your eating habits.  Your coach needs to see a clear picture of what you’re presently consuming to accurately make adjustments.


Both reports need to be as detailed as possible before you send them back.  You can never include too much information.

Download the Nutrition Progression Report

Download the Training Progression Report