Q & A with Mike

Q:  I don’t understand why your whole outlook on vegetarianism is so violent? You obviously feel passionate about the negative health factors of being veggie, but have you considered the moral aspects of the diet? have you considered for one moment that maybe the majority of vegetarians are so, because they take the time to find out where their meat comes from, and how it was treated before it is given that ugly word, "meat".  Is it beyond you to maybe respect people who change their life style and give up something they may enjoy for the benefit of others?

Soo many people live in complete ignorance of the way their meat is raised and killed, I’m not going to preach about the cruelty inflicted on animals, but have you ever been to a slaughter house? Smelt the stench of blood and heard the screams of terror? I can’t help but relate it to a certain holocaust that I’m learning of in school. I’m not asking for an argument, merely passionately putting forward my point, as you seem to do so in all of your answers.  Also, I wonder what your view of vivisection is?  Do you passionately support that too?

Thanks for hearing my view, Jess x x


A:  Jess,                                                                                                                                               

My whole outlook on vegetarianism is violent?  Where the hell did you get that notion?  Not in any of my columns.  I respond to personal attacks appropriately. And I have stated that the only rational reason to be a vegan or vegetarian is if you believe the animals are mistreated and do not want to support the industries that provide us with the single most healthy food there is,  meat.  However, do not wrap your vegetarian beliefs around pseudoscience and then bash people who disagree with you. The majority of vegetarians are so because they believe it's healthier, which is an absolute farce.  Science does not, I repeat, does not support that belief.


Jess, are you actually relating the killing of animals for the sake of providing nutrition to the public to the holocaust?  I understand your not wanting to eat meat, but you also have to accept the fact that I think that thought process is beyond ridiculous.  How degrading to all the Jews and their families who lived and died throughout the holocaust, to be compared to the killing animals for food. You are out there.  Hopefully, you’re just going through a phase. 


And maybe you should visit a slaughter house to get the truth. There are no screams, and it's certainly not a massacre. These animals haven't a clue of what is about to happen before they are killed. Cut the crap, you're listening to too much propaganda.  Having said that, I do not agree with what big business has done to the meat industry.  The way most of our animals are raise to provide food is outrageous.  Not because of screams and mass murder, but because there is a much better, more healthy alternative. Cows and other farmed animals used for their meat should be grass fed; grazing on lush pastures on local farms.  I encourage you to visit a farm where the animals are pastured. It would be a game changer for your attitude.















If you're truly worried about the well being of animals, how about protesting against big agriculture. explosion of agriculture has not only brought ill health to many societies, it’s also destroyed ecosystems, drained wetlands, and continues to suck the very life out of soil around the world. When the truth is known, it’s easy to understand why big agriculture spends so much money doing damage control to influence public opinion like your's Jess.  


By the way, without vivisection we would not have many of the breakthroughs in medicine we've had over the last 50 years. I want testing on animals before a product is to be tested and or used on humans.


Thanks for imparting your views even if they are "out-there".  Jess, it would do you and other vegetarians well to hold humans in as high regard as you do animals.  Start doing your research.



Q:  Mike, Hey,
Great column and advice.  It is nice to see someone who is very knowledgeable, finally getting the truth out there about protein. Now here's my Q (and problem).  I have come to the conclusion and discovery that I am lactose intolerant and thus it is "difficult"---at best---to eat most dairy (including eggs, milk, cheese, etc..) and protein powders....aside from those protein powders made from soy. However, I have read your recent articles about soy's propensity to lower testosterone levels........the WHOLE reason I was eating more protein to begin with! (I finally thought that I had my answer with the soy protein powder too!)

What protein supplement powder will work or am I forced to stick to always
cooking some sort of meat to get my protein?

Thanks for the help,


A:  Matt,                                                                                                                                          

There is hope. I am also lactose intolerant to a degree. There are plenty of protein powders out there that are lactose free.  The protein I am currently using is made by ProteinFactory.com. Beverly International also manufactures an excellent protein called Muscle Provider, although it is on the expensive side.  Another good source of protein is lactose free/1% cottage cheese.  Eggs, by the way, do not contain lactose.













I would also recommend getting lactose tablets. You can get them from any drug store and are great when eating foods you think may bother you.  They come in handy especially when dining out.  You can also use lactose drops in your milk.  1-2 drops in a gallon of milk over night will virtually render it lactose free. 





Q:  I got a Question: If you’re taking creatine everyday would it be bad to get drunk while taking it? Will it cause heart attacks or any other problems?



A:  There are no contraindications what-so-ever.   The only thing you have to worry about is the effect drinking too much will have on your training, not to mention your liver.