The Journey is most Important

I’m convinced the journey one embarks on toward a goal, is much more important than any achievement, e.g., championship, world record, or personal record. It is the journey that separates the great from the average, and makes achieving a goal so gratifying. Striving, self discovery, and learning are responsible for the allure and elation of attaining a goal, which is simply nonexistent without the effort of [doing], e.g., a level of happiness, self esteem, that is only attained through mastery.

The old adage,”If it were easy everyone would do it.” rings true in everyday life, but is deafening when referring to bodybuilding and strength sports. The difficulty is what causes most people to question themselves, and become fearful of the prospect of failure. This fear, which grows when approaching unknown territory, is the number one reason people fail in reaching their goals.

There are three things that can happen when attempting a lift at a meet, i.e., squat, bench, deadlift. One, you could miss. Two, you could get hurt. Three you can complete the lift. Only one of the three is good. The other two suck, bad. But what a few get and most don’t, is that repeated failures and the [doing], are worth while and essential for the gratification of completing a lift.

Roger Estep, pictured above embodied the person who strived to be the best by [doing], and was immensely successful.

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