Your Outside is a Reflection of your Inside

"That which we gaze upon the most, we become."

Our outer world is an open book to who we truly are. The saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” is true. Our outside, e.g., friends, attitudes, behaviors, are a reflection of our inside. If the people you hang with the most, are dysfunctional and pessimistic, then that is what you believe of yourself, and you’ll never be better than that. It is impossible to be better on the outside, than what you believe you are on the inside without change.

Whether you’re rich, poor, obese, in-shape, happy or sad is up to you. Your beliefs about yourself, or your self concept determines who you are, and your performance in life. To believe in this universal principle is to feel completely liberated and in control. The more control you feel, the better you’ll feel about your life.

Since our beliefs about ourselves determine our outside, our reality, in order to make positive change in any aspect of our lives, we must change our beliefs. In order to positively change your self concept, you must surround yourself with positive influences. Someone who wants to make a lot of money doing something they love, is not going to have much of a chance hanging with people who are unemployed

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