Random Thoughts

A small waist is genetic, period.

THE FISH DIET – I am astonished at the number of people in this day and age who ask me about the “fish diet” for contest prep. I can’t help but think anyone who believes there’s even one physiological benefit of eating fish instead of grass fed beef or poultry, is either a lazy a** who doesn’t want to research the subject, or a moron. Eating fish instead of beef will not help you get leaner faster, thin your skin, or keep your midsection smaller. Pastured beef and fowl are among the healthiest, tastiest and most satiating foods one can consume in the off season let alone while getting ripped shreds. The nutrients in these foods are exactly what one needs while making their way through a punishing contest preparation.

WAIST CINCHER – You mean girdle, or corset? Whatever the hell you want to call it, It’s no surprise to me anymore what becomes popular in the fitness industry. People, yes men and women, although once you’ve worn a waist cincher I can’t hardly consider you a man, are wearing this garbage to workout in. The first reason is to decrease the size of their waist. This is so absurd I can’t even bring myself to comment on it. Second, people are actually claiming it’s good for their backs. Hate to break the news, but the exact opposite is true. While you’re walking, lifting, or whatever other activity you’re doing in your cincher you core musculature is not being utilized. Ever heard of the law, use it or lose it? Well, when it comes to muscular strength and coordination this law applies big time.

SYNTHOL – If you’re using it, stop. It looks like crap. And yes, unless you’re using very little, which I still think is BS, we can tell.

DNP – If you’re using DNP, stop. Developed in a lab in 1930 for use in making explosives, it became a popular weight loss supplement. In the United States, it was banned in 1938 amid many reported side effects and deaths. Despite a myriad of serious side effects, e.g., excessive sweating, increased heart rate, insomnia, fatigue, muscle soreness, T3 reduction, shortness of breath, and electrolyte depletion, all of which have a frequency of almost 100% reported by users, it’s use continues today.

DUCK LIPS – What is the deal with “duck lip” selfies? OK, I somewhat get it when girls do it, not really. But, why the hell do some males, not men, do it? The truth be told, nobody looks good doing the duck lip.

POSERS – In an age of narcissism, where an entire generation has been weaned on participation medals by parents who would rather be friends than teach their children the rewards of hard work, posers are becoming common place. It’s sincerely baffling to me when I see a sub-average competitor take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or whatever place out of ten sub-par competitors, which is fairly common these days even on the national scene, go back to their gyms and act like they’ve actually done something. Many of these jackasses start fan pages as though they have a product anyone would be interested in.

MIRROR HUGGERS – I’m not sure if these individuals have bad eyesight or they are just that inconsiderate (I’m trying not to be so harsh). Once you decide what dumbbells you need, which should be done away from the rack, grab them, step back and get the hell out of the way. Performing a dumbbell exercise right in-front of the rack is seriously a pathetic move.

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