Maximum Strength has Greatest Impact on Endurance

Did You Know maximum strength has the strongest influence on muscle endurance? Fernando J. Naclerio and fellow researchers performed a study using 14 firefighters to determine the importance of strength and power on a muscular endurance test. The physical test the firefighters were to perform for a job entry requirement was a maximum repetition test on the flat barbell bench press with 40kg in 40 seconds.

The subjects performed a progressive test of 8 sets of 2 – 3 repetitions during the first part of the study. The 1st and 2nd sets were performed using a low load of 25 – 45%. The first set was always performed with a lower load than the second, which was performed using 40Kg. As subsequent sets were performed, the load was increased. The 3rd and 4th sets were performed with a moderate load of 50 – 65% of their 1 rep maximum (1RM); the 5th and 6th sets were performed with 70 – 80% of 1RM; the 7th and 8th sets were performed with 85 – 100% of 1RM.

To prevent fatigue from being a factor, the 2nd part of the study, which was the max rep test, was performed 72 hours after the 1st part. Researchers found the 1RM to have the greatest degree of influence in the firefighter’s performance on the 40Kg max rep bench press test. Interestingly, the degree of power produced in the progressive test using 40Kg had no correlation with the subject’s ability in the max rep test.

(J Strength Cond Res.2009;23(5):1482-1488)

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