What body would you rather have?

Proportion and symmetry were highly sought after characteristics up until the late 90's. So much so that many bodybuilders would forgo a little size to keep their most prized possession. They knew there was a tipping point when getting bigger took away from their detail, widened their waist, and wouldn’t be as aesthetically pleasing.

These bodybuilders, many of them professional, were purists, and saw bodybuilding as an art form. Unfortunately, because they saw the turn bodybuilding was taking towards size at all costs in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, a large number of truly gifted individuals stopped competing.

Of course bodybuilding is about having big muscles, size. And of course if you like big for the sake of being big, then today’s bodybuilding standards are for you. However, it’s irrefutable, that one can only get so big before they start to negatively impact their look. We’ve seen example after example of bodybuilders coming through the ranks, and eventually losing their detail, widening their waists, and looking less pleasing, all in the name of getting bigger.

So, I'm just curious. What body would you rather have? Modern era VS classical bodybuilder.

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