Vegetarians, Mind your own Business

You’ve heard the hype, the BS.

Vegetarianism… …will give you longevity. …is better for your heart than animal products. …will reduce your risk of cancer …is healthier for your bones, and much more.

Like I always say, one should doubt internet sources, which includes mine. I want my posts to challenge people, and if they feel the need respond, do so with questions or statements with sound science not ignorant emotionally charged personal attacks, as many vegan militants do. It’s amazing how much information is at your fingertips with the internet if one gets off their lazy ass to look for it. And for the record, again, I’ve never said being vegetarian is moronic or unhealthy. I’ve always stood by the science that being vegetarian is not the optimum way for a human being to eat, especially for children. We are omnivores, period. We are made to consume other animals.

What I do think is moronic? Vegetarians/vegans spewing bogus science to insist that eating like a rabbit is more healthy than eating the way we are physiologically made to do. Denying science to be PC and fit into an ideology is evading reality, which only morons do. Even more offensive is these jack-offs trying to force others to eat as they do. Why the hell do vegetarians care about what anyone eats? Moreover, who the hell are they to try and impose their will on others? The last I looked we lived under the same Constitution which gives them their right to eat twigs and lettuce, so don’t tread on me.

If you eat a certain way because you like it or because you think animals shouldn’t be used as food, more power to you. Just don’t insult my intelligence with your untenable statements concerning health. There are essential nutrients only available to us through animal products; if it weren’t for supplements, a true vegetarian/vegan would perish from nutritional deficiencies.

Anatomically we are very similar to a dog and other carnivores. Unlike a herbivore, we secrete hydrochloric acid in our stomach, which has a sole purpose of digesting protein. We do not ruminate or chew our cud like herbivores. We do not have multiple stomachs like herbivores. Herbivores can digest cellulose; we cannot. Our jaws work vertically for tearing and crushing. A herbivores jaw works in a rotary fashion for grinding. Our colons are short and small. A herbivore's are long and big. Our gallbladders are well developed while a herbivore's are weak or absent. The gallbladder stores bile and secrets it when necessary to aid in the digestion of fats. These are just a few facts.

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