Dennis Newman bodybuilding motivation

I attended the 1993 NPC Nationals in support of two friends who competed, Dean Caputo (5th hvy) and Steve Davis (1st ban). Many including myself consider this contest to be one of the best amateur contests ever. Dennis Newman weighed in at almost 250lbs, was ripped, and incredibly balanced and symmetrical. He ended up in 2nd, but in my opinion edged out over-all winner Mike Francois.

The placings in all the classes was like a who’s who of bodybuilding, with many of the competitors turning pro over the next few years. Unlike today, becoming an IFBB pro in the 1990’s meant something, because it was incredibly difficult. You had to be the best of the best. Today, although there are some outstanding bodybuilders gracing the stage, the majority are the best of the mediocre. To see all the results go HERE.

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