Meet the coaches, Catherine and Mike
Meet the coaches, Mike and Catherine

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Catherine Schaumleffel

Many trainers and coaches claim to want to help people become the best they can be.  Many say they want to help others reach their goals, and in doing so improve their looks, their self esteem, and their lives.  However, few trainers and coaches have the passion, the desire, or the ability to bring out the best in people.  Catherine has a gift; the ability to tap into a person’s inner motivation.


Catherine’s innate ability to help individuals conquer those curve balls that life throws while motivating them to reach their goals, led her to start formally educating herself.  What started out as taking classes at a community college in psychology and biology, turned into a master's degree in Clinical Social Work less than seven years later.
Catherine’s ability to motivate those who feel hopeless, coupled with a formal education make her an extremely desirable coach.  From those who want to lose weight, firm up and improve the way they look and feel, to physique competitors, Catherine can show you the way.


A successful competitor, Catherine attained pro status with the IFBB as a physique competitor.  She was disappointed in the direction the class was taking and switched to the IFBB bikini division.  See Catherine HERE.


Whether it's training for a competition or just getting in shape, allow Catherine to help you attain your goals through MindBodyConditioningSystems Online Personal coaching Program. In-person personal coaching is also available.


Online personal training
Michael Furci

Mike Furci is a veteran firefighter of the Lorain Fire Department in Ohio, and is a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner. He owned and operated Club Olympia Fitness Center in Westlake, Ohio for more than 10 years, and was voted “Best Personal Trainer” by Cleveland Magazine.  Mike has also written countless articles on health, fitness and motivation.


Mike specializes in improving human performance through nutrition, strength, and conditioning through a core value of Health.  He uses his education and knowledge to train clients according to their specific goals, e.g., improved well-being, weight loss, health or sports performance.


Mike started training more than 35 years ago, and was a competitive bodybuilder with several overall titles, including the 1999 Mr. Ohio.  He continues to train with 100% intensity to this day, which has helped him excel as a firefighter for the city of Lorain Ohio.  


Take advantage of Mike's knowledge through online or In-person personal coaching.  Check out his e-book, The Evolution of the Unhealthy American to understand the obesity epidemic and proper nutrition for optimum health.