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Professional Assistance:  Using years of experience and education we will tailor a training and nutrition program that best suits your needs.  Your personal coach, we will help keep your diet and exercise on track through regular consultations scheduled for your convenience to continue to see optimum results.  Learn to modify your training and nutrition as your body adapts to overcome plateaus.


Motivation:  The greatest impediment to your goal is the mind.  Learn how to stay focused and determined.  It’s astonishing in any endeavor, what one can accomplish when a strong, positive mind is guiding it.  Remember the body cannot go where the mind is not ready to be.


Proper Food Intake:  Learn about perpetuated myths that keep people fat! Learn what has been kept from the general public for decades.  Learn just how important proper nutrition is to attaining, health muscle, strength, lower body-fat levels.  Learn what foods you, as an individual should eat, their proper amounts, and foods you need to avoid at all costs.


Proper Resistance Training:  The only form of exercise that will add and preserve muscle as we age is progressive resistance training. No matter what your goals are, training programs need to be individualized in order to get optimum gains in the least amount of time.  If you’re a beginner let’s get you started on the right path.  If you’re an advanced lifter let us show you how you can advance year after year.


Proper Cardiovascular/Aerobic Training:  How much cardio do you need?  Do you need cardio at all?  What type of cardio burns the most calories in the least amount of time?  What is the best way to perform cardio and still add muscle and get stronger?  Get the answers to these questions.


Proper Supplementation:  What works?  Stop guessing and hoping the supplement you buy is going to help your progress.  Find out what supplements work and can be an integral part of attaining your goals, e.g. health and strength, along with finding out what supplements are a “rip-off”.