Things That Tick Me Off In and Out of the Gym

Imaginary Lat syndrome (ILS), or imaginary trap syndrome (ITS).

The later being less pervasive, yet just as heinous. This is possibly the most offensive transgression one can commit, because unlike other misbehaviors discussed later, these individuals are like this 24/7. They’re not just tools in the gym they’re posers and wannabes walking among us at the grocery store, the mall, etc. ILS sufferers are the ones with their chest up and arms abducted from their sides with their lats in a constant state of flex. They are trying to create the illusion of being big and muscular, because they still feel small, uncomfortable, and insecure. The ITS sufferers are the ones that flex their traps and tuck their chins for the same stupid reason. News flash…If you only knew how ridiculous you look and how even the biggest of dweebs laugh at you, you’d stand normal.


Strength coaches that perpetuate the myth Olympic lifts are on par with the squat, bench and deadlift for increasing size, strength and sports performance.

First compare the way competitive powerlifters and Olympic lifters look. Is there is any question about muscular size? More-over, I’ll take a powerlifter any day when it comes to explosiveness and athleticism. Just remember most top Olympic lifters use the squat and deadlift to increase their base strength and size. Now don’t get me wrong, Olympic lifters are phenomenal athletes, and their competitive lifts are inconceivable feats of form and strength. However, don’t make claims that are just patently false.





















Political Correctness.

They aren’t retarded anymore, they’re mentally challenged. Woman aren’t fat, they’re bigger girls that shop in the “plus” store. A politician didn’t lie, they misspoke. It’s insane.


Authors who attack bodybuilders.

I’ve read many articles by more than a few so-called "functional" experts claiming bodybuilders are weak and that they can out perform bodybuilders on selective exercises. This is akin to a bodybuilder criticizing a long distance runner for not having huge legs. Another problem I have is, although these critical authors may be able to perform a single leg squat and dumbbell lateral raise simultaneously on a Bosu ball, which is great if you're looking to join the circus, but has no transfer to athletics or otherwise. How about lifting for your goals and not giving a rat’s ass what the other guy is doing.


Old naked men in locker rooms.

Why do they think it’s appropriate to stand around and discuss anything under the sun with their leg on a bench drying themselves? I’ve even seen these dudes sitting on the nice cushy chairs naked while reading the paper. Really? Get dry, get some clothes on, and then discuss where you’re going to play bingo.


Ads that say “New and Improved”.

You see these ads a lot in the fitness industry. What genius thought of this? How can this be? If it’s new, then it never existed. If it never existed, then it can’t be improved.



You may think this has nothing to do with health and fitness, but I’m here to tell you it does. The pharmaceutical, food, edible oil and medical industries who spend tens of millions of dollars on lobbying directly affect our health. We citizens are now dealing with a government that is “by the lobbyists, and for the corporations”. With corporate America lining the pockets of politicians, our government does not, and will never have the average person’s interest at hand. See the next item.


The pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry has almost three lobbyists for every member of congress and the senate. Some drug companies spend twice as much on advertising as they do on drug research and development. They’ve been allowed to get away with marking some of their drugs up 1,000% while outlawing foreign competition to keep prices high. And we’re outraged at the price of gas?














The food and edible oil industries.

Thank you for ruining our food supply and perpetuating the single most harmful scam in American history, the Lipid Hypothesis. All for the almighty dollar.


Vegetarians and vegans, especially vegans.

So many anti-meat humans use bad science and out-right lies as a way of rationalizing their dietary habits. I’m tired of the demagoguery. If you’re eating this way because you care for animals, I can respect that. But, don’t push it on others like it’s the truth being handed down by Moses. Here’s some truth; out of over 3,000 articles and studies there is no proof this lifestyle is healthier than an omnivore’s. Get over it. You eat the Bison food, I’ll eat the Bison, and we’ll see how it all shakes out. BTW, if you truly are for the health of others, stop big agriculture from ruining our soil worldwide.


Trainers and strength coaches that claim chin-ups are the best exercise for developing the bicep.

I’ve even read a claim that chin-ups are the upper body squat. What horses**t! Will you get some bicep development from chin-ups? Of course. But, the biceps just aren’t stimulated enough to elicit a large growth response. Some direct bicep work is needed for the fastest and largest increase in size.


People that take an hour to train biceps.

What the hell are you thinking? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the gym and saw a guy or two training bi’s while I warm up to train legs. As I’m leaving the gym, after busting my ass training both hamstrings and quads, I see them still hitting their bi’s. And they wonder why they don’t grow.






















Having to PRESS 1 for English.

I live in the United States.


The huge, fat lady…Hold on. I mean the (PC) full figured woman I saw on TV that claims it would be discrimination to charge her more air fare than a thin person.

If you are so overweight that the seat on the plane is too small for you, what argument do you have against higher prices? Never mind how inconvenient it can be for someone to sit next to a really fat individual. They can’t help but pour over onto your side. (WOW, I’m really going over the PC line.) Fat individuals should take a cue from extraordinarily tall people, which have never claimed discrimination for having to purchase first class tickets in order to fly in more comfortable seats, and they can’t help being tall. I understand the negative treatment one can get because they are obese, and will be the first to fight for their rights. However, riding on a plane is not a right, nor is it even necessary.


Mama's boys who don’t put their weights away after using them.

Either your mother has been picking up after you your whole life and never taught you to put your toys away? or, your just an inconsiderate prick. Did you ever think that an old person, lady or anyone who is weak no matter what the reason, would like to use the leg press that you left eight 45lb plates on? The gym isn’t your house, and I’m damn sure I’m not your mama. Put your s**t away when you’re done!


Bike riders - cyclists.

Why in the world does everyone who rides a bike feel the need to dress like they’re riding in the Tour De France despite having a body built by donuts? I got news for you; at the pace 90% of you ride, wind resistance isn’t a problem. Stop messing around and get to a gym. By the way, move to the side of the road!





















Guys who drop their weights when training.

I have one word for you, “tool”. When idiots drop their weights, usually dumbbells, regardless of the amount of weight, it’s not only unnecessary, asinine, lazy and inconsiderate, it’s also dangerous. Not to mention it eventually ruins the dumbbells that others also have to use. If you have to drop it, don’t use it. Take the time to learn the proper way to put the dumbbells down, whether 20lbs or 150lbsGuys who yell repeatedly when training. Unless you’re an elite powerlifter going for a PR, you’re not impressing anyone; you’re letting everyone know what a schmuck you are.